There are three main forms of support available:

   Consultancy, Training
& Interim Support


Consultancy may sound like a rather posh and formidable word for providing support to a small charity or local community group.

Don’t worry - it just means someone with experience sitting down with one, or more, of your organisation’s leaders, talking through the issues with you and using his/her experience to help YOU find the best solutions to your problems.

The best consultants don’t come in with a load of clever, but totally impracticable, ideas and go away leaving you even more confused than you were before they started. They come with a load of sympathy and understanding which enables them to ask the right kinds of questions so that YOUR answers provide the solution to YOUR problems.

As you can see from his biog, Small Charity Support’s Principal Trustee has many years of experience in consultancy in all kinds of situations which he can bring to your situation.


Small Charity Support can organise and run bespoke workshops,study
days or courses on various areas of organisational management and development.

Small Charity Support recognises that many participants in training event already have considerable knowledge and experience of their own.   So we specialise in “learn and contribute” courses/workshops (sometimes known as the “adult learning model”) where participants work in teams and are encouraged to contribute/share the knowledge they already have (there’s nothing like sharing one’s knowledge with others to improve one’s own understanding) whilst learning new ideas from others under the expert guidance of the course leader.

For more information on the Adult Learning Model see websites like
or just Google “Adult Learning Model"


Interim Trustee Support
All organisations, large & small, commercial or not-for-profit, have periods when they need “an extra pair of hands” to help them through.   They may have a big project on - like a major revision of their activities plan - or have a key person missing - on holiday, on sick leave, or left the organisation and a
replacement not yet appointed.

In such situations Small Charity Support can help by providing short-term cover.   And because our Principal Trustee has considerable experience of such situations he can usually “pick up the reins” very quickly to help you through an otherwise difficult period.

But note that Interim Trustee Support is, by its very nature, only short term.   Such assignments are typically of just 3-6 months duration and never more than 9 months.